Payment Management

Gain better insight into your company cash flow


Optimize your cash flow management

Connect your Business Central with your bank through Continia Payment Management. Quickly access information about your company's cash flow directly from Business Central without logging into your online bank.

  • Easy to use
  • Quick access
  • Directly from your Business Central

Benefits for the CFO

As your Business Central is connected directly to your bank, it’s easier to get an overview of cash flow and corporate spending while accessing organized data for reports and fiscal closes.

Additionally, you can easily access the digital archive containing previous payments, allowing you to make informed and strategic decisions to predict next year’s cash flow.

Key benefits to eliminate your manual payment processes

Detailed data support

Support for detailed transaction data, such as CAMT.04, and OCR references for incoming customer payments.

Statement Intelligence

Advanced reconciliation functionality ensures that your bank accounts and Business Central are always in sync.

Auto-process payments

Process webshop payments and match them automatically by using payment reference search rules.

IBAN lookup

Automatically fill in vendor bank information using the IBAN lookup service, and validate the data accuracy.

One payment journal

Handle payments to multiple bank accounts from a single payment journal in Business Central.

Status updates

Import payment status updates on payment execution, and post actual FX rates recieved from the bank.