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About websites published by Continia Software A/S:


Legal notice

All information on this website is provided without any warranty. Information on this website is to be considered as general information only.


Information on the site is produced as accurately and as updated as frequently as possible, but Continia Software does not guarantee the precision, order of information, timeliness or completeness of the contents of the website.


Continia Software accepts no responsibility for, or connections to, websites that link to this website.


Any comments or information sent to Continia Software regarding this website will be considered the property of Continia Software, to be used without any restrictions. Comments received by Continia Software will not be treated confidentially.


Neither Continia Software nor its affiliates are responsible for direct, incidental, considerable, indirect or related damages that result from accessing this website or using its contents, including viruses, regardless of the accuracy or completeness of the content.


Personal information

Continia Software gathers statistical information about visits to our website on the basis of the data that your browser sends to Continia Software. The information gathered does not enable us to recognize individuals.


After visiting our website, the system saves the following information:


  • Which Continia pages you have visited and when
  • Which browser and operating system you use
  • Your IP address


The data gathered is used exclusively for statistical purposes regarding optimization and operation of the website.


Some pages allow you to enter personal information. This information is only used internally in Continia Software and will not be sold or handed over to any third party without your consent.


From time to time your use of our website will be tracked by using cookies. The registration of your use will never be linked to your name, address or any other personal information. The registration is used exclusively to improve our website – to help us ensure that information is adapted to the areas that users find interesting. We do this so that you may have the best possible experience with our website. Furthermore, the use of cookies helps make your visit to our website easier because you will not have to enter the same information several times, for example when ordering items.


Continia Software follows the rules laid down in Danish law regarding the use of personal information.



All information on this website is copyright (2010) of Continia Software, all rights reserved. Continia Software must be indicated as the source when information from this website is used. The information is provided for users to read, copy, and distribute but the information is only to be used for information and other non-commercial use.



Links to the front page of our websites are welcome, as long as clear reference is made to the source. Systematic use of deep links to other material on our website requires permission from Continia Software beforehand.


Linking to Continia Software’s website is not to be done in a way that makes it part of another website, unless you have the express permission from of Continia Software.


Breaches of any of these will be met by demands for compensation and remuneration.