SEPA Direct Debit handled by NAV

Now you can implement everything involved in SEPA Direct Debit withdrawal directly and without ever having to leave your Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Everything from agreement management, notification construction, shipping, error handling and follow-up of outstanding debtors - with Continia Collection Management everything is implemented with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Continia Collection Management also supports the use of other Direct Debit services - Nets Betalingsservice (Denmark), Nets LeverandørService (Denmark), the Danske Bank Collection Service (countries, in which Danske Bank is represented) and AutoGiro (Norway).



Continia Collection Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV puts you in charge of:


  • Agreement control
  • Validation rules
  • Notification construction
  • Email/PDF dispatch for the billing methods, which don’t include notification
  • Selection of billing method
  • Output of bills
  • Loading the dispatch receipt and any errors
  • Loading the completed and rejected payments for status update


Thus Continia Collection Management manages all the administrative processes involved in collecting your debts.


Please note that, in some cases, it is not possible to apply the above functions in relation to the billing type you want to use. Contact your dealer for more information.



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