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How do you make payments to the bank?


Continia Payment Management already helps more than 3,500 organisations manage all their payments - easily, efficiently and securely. More than 10,000 daily transfers are sent each day from Continia Payment Management and Microsoft Dynamics NAV to these organisations' banks.


We quality assure all information so that payments are handled easily and effortlessly according to the requirements of banks and creditors.


Whether you have a single bank account and relatively few suppliers, or you have multiple banks and bank accounts with a wide portfolio of suppliers at home and abroad, Continia Payment Management will make a big difference to your business. This solution will save you time, eliminate errors and provide greater security throughout the payment process.



Approve and send payments to the bank in one simultaneous workflow



Forget about having to login to the NemID online bank and have files from the bank on a shared drive. With the unique direct communication in Continia Payment Management, which is an integral part of the module, you get a secure connection directly to the bank's online system.   


Continia Payment Management allows you to send payments directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the bank's online system through our unique direct communication. Payments are approved and sent to the bank in one workflow and you receive a return prompt immediately, containing a receipt for the received payment.


If there is a failed payment, there is no need to login and find it in the bank's online system. You can view and fix the error directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and just resend it.




High level of security provides increased peace of mind


The direct communication in Continia Payment Management means you can download exchange rates, deposit files and statements from the bank, as well as load bank account reconciliation files directly from Dynamics NAV - completely automatically and without having to save the files locally first. 


The ability to communicate directly with the bank helps increase company security while eliminating the risk of error.


You can also set approval procedures for each individual user, such as authorisation limits or the number of approvers required. Thus you set your own security level for individual users.



Avoid the work of duplicate registrations


Continia Payment Management minimises the risk of unnecessary duplicate registrations, as well as the risk of needing to include an attachment both in the payment journal and then in the bank's online system. At the same time extensive validation and formatting of payments are performed automatically and all requirements for notification and payment formats are checked.


The solution comes with finished formats for all types of payment to all banks in Denmark, as well as a large number of foreign entities, so you can always be certain you have the ability to make a secure transfer regardless of which bank you use.



Unique Validation


The comprehensive validation engine and error log provide a high level of quality assurance, so you can safely send your payments to the bank while minimising the risk of payment failure. The unique validation includes both validation of the rules that apply to a particular payment type or payment method, as well as the rules that apply to how the fields are formatted. With this very thorough validation, you avoid failure of a payment when it is first sent to the bank.



Payment Methods


One of the basic features of Continia Payment Management is Payment Methods, which defines the way a creditor can be paid. Continia currently maintains and supports more than 170 payment methods, and all payment methods offered by Danish banks are supported.




Bank Formats


In order to send payments to your bank, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is able to create a file for payments in the exact format required by the bank. With Continia Payment Management you are fully covered for a wide range of banking formats.



Unique Payment Reference (UPR)


Unique Payment Reference is a concept that is exclusively implemented in Contina's products.


All payment items are always supplied with a Unique Payment Reference (UPR) when you use Continia Payment Management. The payment reference follows the payment all the way through the system, from when you make a payment until it is received again in the bank account's electronic bank statement, where the item will be reconciled. The UPR automatically ensures 100% equalisation match on all payment entries.




Therefore, Continia Payment Management is a good investment for your business


  • Continia Payment Management creates a payment proposal on the deposit slip, so invoices are paid in due course, as well as accounting for utilisation of the parameters selected during setup of the slip, such as priority amounts per account, co-payment per creditor or maximum amount per sub-account.

  • Combined payments can add together multiple payments to the same creditor. This can be an advantage in relation to bank fees for individual payments. As the items are combined, a notification will be documented to the creditor on what has been combined, i.e. which invoices and credit notes the payment covers.

  • Is it possible to take advantage of the cash discount? To help calculate profitability, an internal interest rate can be set up per bank account. If the company loses more (or has to pay more) in interest by withdrawing from the bank account, when compared to what could be earned by paying its creditors and obtaining a cash discount, the module will automatically choose whether to use the cash discount date or not.

  • For all bank accounts, procurement conditions can be set that state who can approve payments and, if necessary, in which order. The history and status of individual payments in the payment summary indicate how far in the procurement process the payment has reached.

  • Continia Payment Management also allows you to reconcile bank accounts completely automatically. This simply requires that the bank can deliver a bank statement in electronic form. This account statement is loaded into Continia Payment Management, which finds the corresponding bank records – or makes suggestions if there are multiple settlement options. In addition, the module automatically creates proposals for counter entries, such as unrecorded payments and interest.

  • If you have multiple creditors using the same payment method, it is easier to use a Creditor payment group where you can define common payment information for creditors in the same payment group. You do not have to enter the same information multiple times, which minimises the need for constant maintenance.

  • When you create a purchase order, purchase invoice or a line on the purchase slip, payment information is validated automatically while ensuring all necessary information is available. This way you can add any missing information while you still have the purchase receipt in hand.

  • Continia Payment Management also handles all types of foreign payments, including currency exchange with the bank, as well as who will cover the cost of transfers for foreign payments.

  • If you need to send notification manually you can choose to notify your creditors via email or letter. You can create different notification templates, for example in different languages. Each template can be formatted with merge fields for the text in email and for lines. 

  • If you have signed your company up for MobilePay Payout, Dynamics NAV and Continia Payment Management can pay receivables to your private customers directly through MobilePay.

  • Once a debtor has paid with a Giro/FIK card, you can load a file with debtor deposits onto the deposit slip which automatically applies the settlement ID via the payment identifier so that it is ready for posting.

  • When the banks supported by Continia Payment Management come out with new or updated payment methods, we implement these in Continia Payment Management and define validation rules to match. The new payment methods and validations are then uploaded to our online web service.




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