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This area is intended for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partners who need expanded help for their support tasks.


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Continia Software Support


Continia Software is an independent add-on developer. It is not possible to buy our products directly from us. All Continia products can be purchased through a Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner.

Our Partners earn a share of the purchase price for both new sales and software subscriptions. Part of the agreement between Continia Software and our Partners is that Partners provide the necessary end-user support on our products. If the Partner will not be able to respond to user queries, the Partner is welcome to contact Continia's Partner Support line. Our skilled technical support is availabe for the Partners via email or phone. All incomming support will be screened immeidately and answered if possible. If a query requires further information or investigation, the assigned tecnical supporter will respond to the issuer normally within 2 business days.


If the volume of incomming support becomes extensive, we will include developers in the support for a limited period. If a support is a reported bug or a suggested improvement, it will be passed on for the development team, who will analyse the report and evalutate if a solution should result in a Hotfix or be included in a future main release. We only deliver bugfixes to the latest release of our product version, but on all supported NAV versions. 


According to Microsoft's guidelines, we strive to maintain at least the ERP solutions like Microsoft supports. This includes the development of all our add-on solutions so that the development of new Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions start as soon as this is available to us. It is always possible to find a list of supported NAV versions in the System Requirements tab under each Continia product section. When a new main version of NAV is released from Microsoft we will start developing objects for it immediately and we will attempt to release supporting code no later than 3 months after release.


In the event that Continia Software choose to stop the development of an add-on product that we are committed to, according to our software subscription to continue maintenance of the product until all software subscriptions have expired.

Partners have access to download updated versions of all Continia products at Continia PartnerZone. Here, Partners can also seek inspiration for debugging in our FAQ where many of the frequently asked questions are answered.


Continia Software does not provide end-user support. 



Contact Continia Partner Support
Tlf.: +45 8230 5000  

#2 - Document Capture / e-Documents / Expense Management Support
#3 - Payment Management Support
#4 - Document Output Support



You are always welcome to contact our support via e-mail. Use the product abbreviation before 



  • CDC for Document Capture support

  • CDO for Document Output support

  • CEM for Expense Management support 

  • CPM for Payment Management support

  • CCM for Collection Management support

  • CEDO for e-Documents or E|faktura support


Contact details for our Product Managers / Product Specialists:


As a NAV Partner, you are always welcome to share your input with our product managers regarding our products. Please send an e-mail to one of the following Product Managers/Product Specialists;



Payment Management     
Jesper Hjulskov                                     
Send me an e-mail


Document Capture

Tommy Olesen

Send me an e-mail 


Expense Management

Claus Lundstrøm

Send me an e-mail


Document Output

Svend Birk Hansen

Send me an e-mail