Combat the tide of documents


Continia Document Capture is the best and most comprehensive solution for scanning of invoices

and other documents directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV!


As the only solution on the market, we offer automatic registration of documents, OCR data extraction, an advanced approval workflow, and a full-text searchable digital archive.


Continia Document Capture optimizes and automates all workflow processes – from receiving a document to retrieving it again years later.



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Tiresome registration of documents? Not anymore!

With the unique Document Capture Service, the tiresome process of registering documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is completely automated.


By using pre-defined e-mail addresses and folders on a file server, all received documents are automatically downloaded and OCR -processed. Received paper documents can be scanned and processed in the same way.


In addition to this, you have the opportunity to register invoices that already contain data – and therefore do not need OCR -processing. This requires the acquisition of our add-on module e-Documents.


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Tired of typing?

With Continia Document Capture, all the information you need in relation to creating an invoice document can be set up – even without any typing. For each vendor you need to create a template, which is easily set up. Just click the area of interest on the invoice image, and the change will be remembered. More information can be added automatically, such as G/L Account, Job number and dimension values.


Invoices that are loaded by the add-on module e-Documents do not require that you create new templates as these are created automatically.


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Swift, complete and effective approval

Continia Document Capture guarantees that the entire organization swiftly and effectively can get an updated overview of invoices and other documents pending approval. Each approver will receive an e-mail notification with an overview of all the invoices that require attention.


When an invoice has been approved, it will be released for accounting and payment. You can set up thresholds for each approver to ensure that if the total value of the invoice exceeds the approval limit set up for the given approver, the document will be forwarded to the next approver. As an alternative, you can create predefined flows of specific approvers who need to approve the invoices, or you can determine approvers based on specific dimensions (such as department, project, etc.).


The approver can allocate the invoice to a specific dimensions value, split the cost in two different G/L Accounts, and furthermore attach information before final approval.




Everyone can approve!

With Continia Web Approval Portal, you can ensure that all employees with no direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV gain the same opportunities to approve expenditures and documents. No matter where the employee is located, all that is required for accessing and approving documents is internet access.


Approvals from the Web Approval Portal happens in real time. This means that you will always have a clear and updated overview of approval status, no matter who and where the approver is.


>> read more about Continia Web Approval Portal here.



Match of purchase orders

Continia Document Capture includes an advanced set of features for effectively matching purchase invoices with existing purchase orders. This task can be done manually, or it can be configured to be performed automatically on either header-level, or on a line-by-line level.


You can set up thresholds on each vendor, which determines if an invoice can be automatically posted or needs approval.



Add more documents with Drag-and-Drop

With Continia Document Capture, you can drag-and-drop any given file type or e-mail to any record in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As an example, when approving purchase invoices, you can attach the original purchase quote from the vendor, an image of an incorrect delivery, or other relevant documents in relation to the transaction.


You can also enable drag-and-drop on the vendor or customer cards in order to attach documents and correspondences to these. By enabling drag-and-drop in the project module, you can easily attach important documents directly to the specific task or project.


All of the above is valid for both the Role Tailored, as well as the Classic, NAV client – or directly via our Web Approval Portal.


Accountancy back in control

Continia Document Capture provides the accountancy with a fully updated overview of all invoices pending approval. Through a dedicated overview, you can see who the current approver is, the current status, comments, attached documents and much more – all in real time.


Each approver can assign a substitute approver in relation to absence, which means that the accountancy can ensure that all documents are always approved in the right time.




Digital archive

With Continia Document Capture, you no longer need to spend time finding old documents for the accountant, or looking up invoices for colleagues who need to see a particular invoice in relation to repurchasing certain products.


PDF -documents containing all data from the original invoices are stored in the Continia Document Capture digital archive, which is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This means that you can retrieve invoices based on data used in the NAV fields; however, you can also retrieve invoices based on information registered on the original invoices, such as specific reference numbers, vendor numbers or serial numbers.



Quick implementation by your NAV partner!

Continia Document Capture is certified by Microsoft and is straightforward for any Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner to implement. Based on experiences and feedback from more than 1.200 existing customers, a standard implementation can be done in less than one week!


You are more than welcome to contact your Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner to learn more about your possibilities with Continia Document Capture.



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